Investigative Solutions, LLC | Atlanta

Investigative Solutions LLC is a full service Atlanta Private Investigation Agency. We provide Professional, Confidential Private Investigative Services to Attorneys, Corporations, Insurance Companies, Small Businesses and the General Public throughout the Atlanta Metro area, The State of Georgia and The State of Florida with Global Assets available to assist. We are a highly-trained group of Professional, Licensed Private Investigators who work with National and International Clients, Corporations, Organizations and the General Public to help meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Investigative Solutions, LLC provides Private Investigations, Tactical Operations, Strike Support, and Executive Protection to clients in need, on a Global Level, National and or Local Level, our Team will provide results that are effective for your immediate concerns.


With Services in Infidelity Investigations, DNA Examination, Computer Forensics, Cell Phone Forensics, Missing Persons, GPS Tracking of Subjects and or Precious Cargos, Surveillance – Counter Surveillance (Bug Sweeps), Missing Persons – Runaways, Litigation Support and more.

Licensed Georgia Private Investigators, Licensed Florida Private Investigators with Global Abilities to assist in your Confidential Private Investigations.

Contact our Atlanta Field Office, Peachtree City Field Office or our Palm Harbor, Florida Field Office for your Private Investigative needs.